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Meeting Recordings Management

Hello! We would like the ability to limit who can see Meetings recordings. We would like our Users to be able to Host Meetings/Videos, but we feel the Super Admin should be the one to determine who can then view those recordings. IE we should be a...
Robyn Thompson 5 days ago in RingCentral Video 0 New

Option to Extend Meeting Duration

It would be helpful if we will be notified once we are about to reach the 1-hour duration of the meeting before automatically ending it. There are times that we have to extend the meeting and automatically ending it is really not good. Or might as...
RingCentral Tester 28 days ago in RingCentral Video 1 New

link to video call that gets recorded and saved

for virtual estimates a sales person can text the customer a link that brings them to a video call that gets recorded so sales can make estimates. simple turn key
James Campbell about 1 month ago in RingCentral Video 0 New

Bring back the ability to reorder tasks

We would love to be able to drag tasks in the workspace so they can be quickly and easily reordered in terms of priority order by each user. This allows us to quickly and efficiently search for and complete tasks without having to look through eac...
Tina LaRochelle about 2 months ago in RingCentral Video 0 New