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Move up unread messages (like in the phone app) [desktop]

Like in the phone app move unread messages to the top of the list, so I can see them and they would not be hidden from me somewhere down in the contact list.
Guest 7 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Already exists

Add "Blur background" as an option to RCM/RCV virtual background

Many users are requesting the option to blur their background in RCV/RCM rather than having to use a virtual image.
Jared DiFonzo 8 months ago in RingCentral Video 2 Already exists

Call queue forwarding

Forward call queue calls if not answered to another call queue.
Anthony Jabal 8 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 1 Already exists

Screen Sharing Status Indicator and Status Color

When sharing a screen, a separate status in the HUD would appear to indicate the meeting member is in a screen share. This would have a separate status color to indicate screen share is on. This would avoid disturbances and messages popping up in ...
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 3 Already exists

Record you name in the directory

The system currently reads you registered name when callers dial in or for VM. The system can not pronounce the names and most of the time it does a very bad job. I have used other VOIP systems and they allow me to record my name in the directory....
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Already exists

Need to setup one button speed dials on my polycom desk phone. Why can't I do this?

I am not an operator who needs to juggle five extra calls at a time. Having one button speed dials to the three or four people I'm calling all the time would be vastly more useful.
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Phone 3 Already exists

Update CNAM

Our caller ID is coming up as American Airlines. This is very misleading to our customers. After speaking with a tech support agent, he said that a CNAM database needs to be updated. There has to be a way for this not to happen so the correct name...
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Already exists

Paging System Activate on After Hours call to grab Employees Attention

We have an Employee line that can be called by employees to inform Managers of their absence if they will not be in. This line rings a single phone that often goes unnoticed by our night shift due to loud machinery. We would like to be able to hav...
Zachary Hite 8 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 Already exists

Add Call Monitoring Feature to Call Groups

I just realized about two months ago that the call monitoring features on Group Groups have been removed. We need this feature because our company uses this to train our newly hired sales agents. Call queues is not an option for us because all of ...
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Integrations 1 Already exists

User choice of default tab

Allow user to select default/focus tab of content. Great that recent settings allow customization of tabs and order, however odd that the one placed at the top is not also the one that gets focus when opening (unfortunately always defaults to Text...
Guest 8 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Already exists