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Better fax failure messages and admin tracking dashboard

Our company works with fairly large files (5-30 pages long) that must be sent to different organizations exclusively by fax. We understand that the organizations that must receive these files also serve other companies in the country so our faxes ...
Dan Herrera over 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 1 Under review

a way to see calls ignored by agents

We have a call center and need basic reporting, such as the ability to see calls ignored by our agents (where they don't answer and the call goes to another agent), also need to see Availability % for each agent. These items are essential for any ...
Richard Graciano about 1 month ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Give ability to set an alternate park recall destination other than the original phone that parked it.

It's a problem that calls recall to a phone where someone may not be and then ends up in that user's voicemail. It would help if you could create a park recall queue group so that it rings several phones.
Unified Technologies about 1 month ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Ability to add a Virtual Mobile Phone Number

It will be very useful if ringcentral offers an option to also add a virtual Mobile number as many applications out in the market are offering such as Ykee
FLYMINGO UK LTD ADMIN about 1 month ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Allow Presence line call routing or forwarding back to originating extension

An administrative assistant who has a presence line on their handset, answers the presence line extension and determines that the caller should leave a message to the originating extension. There isn't a way at this moment for the call to be route...
Carlos Couto 7 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Need a easier way to transfer a call directly from a desk phone to someone's voicemail

Our receptionist uses a desk phone with sidecars. We're a small company with only about 70 extensions, so we are able to have a button on the phone or on a sidecar for every extension. It is a multi-step process with this system, from a desk phone...
Craig Rhinehart over 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Display the time zone of the person you are about to call

I think this would be a very useful feature as some businesses have contacts that are in different locations and time zones. This feature would help prevent calling someone outside of their work hours. Perhaps having this as a feature to enable wi...
Christopher Mace 8 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Caller ID name should be visible for Toll Free

Our Caller ID shows up as different for each phone in our office
Guest about 3 years ago in RingCentral Phone 6 Future consideration

Call handling directly ringing the next extension.

Allowing the other forwarding set up of an extension to ring directly to an incoming call to the same extension when the owner of it is currently in line. No longer ringing or notifying again the extension that there's another incoming call but ju...
Ryan Sta. Ana 4 months ago in RingCentral Phone 1 New

Option to keep RingCentral phone call window open when answering from a paired deskphone

When a deskphone is paired there should be an option to keep active call windows on the RingCentral computer app without having to accept them there first, it's awkward to answer on the computer and then pick up the handset in instances where we d...
Trey Kuchinsky 3 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New