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Pick up call should display who the call has now been picked up by

(Using VVX 450) Currently when you call someone and they're unavailable, a user has the ability to pick up the call within their vicinity. When they do so, the caller doesn't know who's picked up the call. It still says the original person that th...
Alex Hodge over 2 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Please list Sienheiser SDW 3 BS & SDW 60 HS a compatible device.

We have 80 devices on site, the base unit would create a dial tone for incoming calls this has now stopped working for all users across the site. It works for Microsoft teams. We are using epos connect to configure the devices via an online portal...
Guest over 2 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Make the process of transferring a physical desk phone from one user to another more intuitive

On a new account with desk phones assigned to unassigned numbers, the process of getting an assigned extension with a softphone to have a desk phone from assigned to an unassigned extension is counter intuitive and very difficult. It currently inv...
Craig Miceli almost 3 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Sync Contact Directories between CISCO 525G IP Phone and Office 365

sync Contact Directories between CISCO 525G IP Phone and Office 365
Guest almost 3 years ago in Hardware / RingCentral Integrations 0 Under review

Show Extension Number on DeskPhone when Idle

My VVX-450 phones only show the username on the screen. I think it would be a nice feature if the deskphone displayed its ext number on the screen. On a similar note, it would be nice if it displayed the DID of the phone as well. Of course, the be...
Frank Busal-1100 about 3 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Add link to look up phone MACs for all extensions

I would like to see a link link to just look up MAC's of phones. When I had 1600 phones shipped to me, there was not an easy way to just scan/input the MAC of the phone and see who it belonged to.
Brandon Parker over 3 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Warm Transfer for VVX phones

Please change the warm transfer process so that the user that is receiving the call doesn't have to "pickup" or "answer" the transfer from the other party. Our previous VOIP provider did the warm transfer more like a warm intercom where the transf...
Guest over 3 years ago in Hardware 1 Under review

Highlevel CRM is one most used CRM by marketing agencies.

Most small businesses, marketing agencies are using highlevel crm platform
Michael Harvey about 2 hours ago in Hardware 0 New

Full Support of Paging Devices instead of manual configuration

Full support of paging devices instead of manual configuration, currently we are getting the sip to the admin. It would be effective if the paging devices could also be provisioning normally like the other phones.
Timothy Snyder about 21 hours ago in Hardware 0 New

Cisco ATA192 Ethernet Port Fully Functional

Please allow the Ethernet port on the Cisco ATA192 to be fully functional and allow devices connected to it to connect to the "uplinked" LAN.
Medicus IT 14 days ago in Hardware 0 New