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Routing calls in a queue based on Salesforce account owner

We aim to direct incoming calls to designated RingCentral call queues according to the Salesforce Account Owner.
Kenneth Tarosa about 1 month ago in Hardware 0 New

Add a comments field to the Device Order process

It would be helpful to add a comments/notes field to the device order process to enter any information related to the order. IE: if for a specific project, group of new users or conference room/s that you do not have detail for yet or internal PO ...
Wayne Marcinczyk 5 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Unable to Conference with Two External Calls

We recently migrated to RingCentral and have come to discover that one of the biggest features we use is not available with RingCentral. From our desk phones, we are unable to conference if the two calls we want to conference are both external. It...
JJ Vinas over 1 year ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Redirect missed calls to Fax/Printer rather than sending them to voicemail.

Our goal is to introduce a feature that automatically redirects calls to the fax/printer when a user extension fails to answer.
Kenneth Tarosa 23 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Allow Custom Wallpaper on Cisco phones

Branding customization should be easily available. We can easily add wallpaper manually, but when the phone re-syncs, the RC wallpaper returns.
Branson McCoy 12 months ago in Hardware 3 Under review

Add Logitech Headset support (BETA) to the RC App

The app has Headset support for Jabra and Plantronics Hub. Please extend this support to Logitech, so we can take advantage of the call control buttons on those devices too.
Dan Thorne about 3 years ago in Hardware / RingCentral Web/Desktop App 1 Future consideration

Transfer Directly to Voicemail Softkey - On Mitel 6940 Phones

Hi we have Mitel 6940 phones at our offices, running on the RingCentral platform. The Mitel 6940 phones seemingly have the capability to transfer calls directly to voicemail via a "VM" softkey that appears when transferring calls (see YouTube vide...
JJ Vinas over 1 year ago in Hardware 4 Under review

Presence on deskphones should only show user on first 2 lines, not every line

Prior to an account migration desk phones (such as Polycom VVX311, VVX411, VVX601) would only show the users name on the first 2 presence lines. Now, if no presence entries have already been manually added by the user, every line shows the users n...
Richard Kearney about 2 years ago in Hardware 3 Under review

Key Templates for Poly VVX450

Please add a key template for the Poly VVX450 so we can centrally manage speed dials and the function of the softkeys.
Vishal Gajipra 12 months ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Ability to add multiple same extension on others phone presence

Capability to add multiple extensions same users of some elsedesk phone. Currently, it will allow you to add 1 line per user. With this, can can utilize placing a call on hold and different extensions can answer it without affecting the other call...
Allan John Cardenas 30 days ago in Hardware 0 New