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Customized ringtone for Desk phone

Is sit possible to add a Customized ringtone for the Desk phone for a specific number dialed, queue, or IVR
Richard Patungan about 2 months ago in Hardware 1 New

Show Original Callers Number in Caller ID When Transferring Calls on Mitel Phones

We are having an issue where the wrong caller ID is displayed when we transfer calls. When you transfer a call, if you press the speed dial on your phone, it will display the user's extension for the person receiving the transfer instead of the ca...
Gary Pecherkiewicz 8 months ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Key Templates for Poly VVX450

Please add a key template for the Poly VVX450 so we can centrally manage speed dials and the function of the softkeys.
Vishal Gajipra 7 months ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Transfer Directly to Voicemail Softkey - On Mitel 6940 Phones

Hi we have Mitel 6940 phones at our offices, running on the RingCentral platform. The Mitel 6940 phones seemingly have the capability to transfer calls directly to voicemail via a "VM" softkey that appears when transferring calls (see YouTube vide...
JJ Vinas 11 months ago in Hardware 2 Under review

Use RingOut without touching your desk phone

We'd like to have the option to use the desktop app in conjunction with a desk phone like this: When dialing out (from the computer/app): 1) click an extension or click or dial a number. 2) your desk phone (e.g. J139) would go "off hook" on speake...
Craig Rhinehart over 1 year ago in Hardware 2 Under review

Company Directory accessible on physical phones

This would benefit not only the company but the person administering the phones. On a Cisco phone (88XX) there currently are two address books, a system address book which is not functional and a personal address book which is unique to each phone...
Accounts Receivable over 1 year ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Enable non sip compatible phones

We have Mitel 5330 phones that we wanna use with Ring Central phone system. Apparently its not compatible since this is not a SIP enabled device. It would be beneficial to most of ring central customers to have the non sip compatible phones work w...
Iam Kristoff Coloma about 1 month ago in Hardware 0 New

Hyperlink to confirm a VM has been read

If I uncheck the read message from the advanced settings for voicemail. If I listen to the VM on the email, it will still be unread in the system. I would like for those rare occasions that the email template include a hyperlink that if the messag...
Jimmy Ayala 2 months ago in Hardware 0 New

A desk phone that can sync 365 contacts

A desk phone that can sync 365 contacts
Rinny Dela Cruz 3 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Introducing a DECT Multicell solution to RingCentral like Snom M900

More and more customers asking for a professional and modern multi-cell DECT solution, scalable and with versatile functions. We have been using the M900 in our actual Broadworks Cloud solution from Broadsoft/Cisco for some time now and our custom...
Andreas Lyssy about 1 year ago in Hardware 2 Under review