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Edit and Change dialing timeout on polycom phones.

Prior to a firmware update, our Polycom phones had a dialing delay of 5 second prior to dialing the number. After the firmware upgrade this was broken and set to 1 second. This is annoying as it doesn't allow enough time for end users to punch in ...
David Smucker 5 months ago in Hardware 1 New

Restart phones online through the RingCentral portal

Restart the phone without having to go the site location each time it needs to be rebooted.
Alfred Lamsen 5 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Call Queue Log In/Out programmable key on phones

Key Programming: Allow a user to have a log in/out key assigned onto phones for Call Queues. This could be log in/out "all" queues but would be beneficial if you could assign All, or specific queue per key. Many clients (medical office, schools) d...
Brett Spring 6 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Hotdesk Outbound Caller ID

Would like to change the outbound caller id when using a common area phones
Alfred Lamsen 7 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Customized ringtone for Desk phone

Is sit possible to add a Customized ringtone for the Desk phone for a specific number dialed, queue, or IVR
Richard P 7 months ago in Hardware 1 New

Hyperlink to confirm a VM has been read

If I uncheck the read message from the advanced settings for voicemail. If I listen to the VM on the email, it will still be unread in the system. I would like for those rare occasions that the email template include a hyperlink that if the messag...
Jimmy Ayala 8 months ago in Hardware 0 New

A desk phone that can sync 365 contacts

A desk phone that can sync 365 contacts
Rinny Dela Cruz 8 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Notification like a beep or ring on desk phone when there is call parked

I wanted to have my users that is included on the Park Call Group to have a notification like ring or beep on the deskphone when there is a parked call My users have a dual monitor setup and its not easy to check on the desk phone if there is a ca...
Iam Kristoff Coloma 8 months ago in Hardware 0 New

Poly VVX Phone Message Light should turn on with Co-Recipients

With the new Co-Recipients feature for voicemails, especially for Message-Only Extensions, it would be beneficial for RingCentral to be able to turn on the Messages Light on the Poly VVX phones. This would provide a visual indicator that a message...
Marshall Frost 11 months ago in Hardware 1 Under review

BLA for all Shared Line compatible device

Shared Lines BLA feature is available to RingCentral MVP Ultimate and Premium accounts only with compatible device such as VVX310, VVX410, VVX500, VVX300, VVX400, VVX600, VVX301, VVX311, VVX411, VVX501, VVX601, VVX 350, VVX 450. it would be better...
Tester Account 12 months ago in Hardware 1 Under review