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Allow remote control using and mobile apps

Allow remote control using and mobile apps Allow remote control if what ever device the user is on e.g mobile app to desktop app, desktop app to browser version
my call queue 8 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

Add ability to create Requeue Shortcuts in centralized place and assign as needed

At present, Requeue Shortcuts have to be added individually on each queue, even if they are needed on multiple queues. This causes the administrator to quite often have to rebuild the same requeue shortcut multiple times across many queues. Please...
Selena Lewis 7 months ago in RingCentral Engage Voice 0 Under review

Add "All" Option Back to the Site Filter Within the "Users with Extensions" Page in Service Web

The customer would like to be able to filter by "All" sites within the Sites filter in the "Users with Extensions" page in Service Web. For example, when trying to filter for users who are in a Not Activated status, customers were previously able ...
Alex Taus about 1 year ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

Provide the ability to get history of hardphone online/offline status

Add to the audit trail report or create in Analytics the ability to see the history of when a hardphone/deskphone has gone offline and come back online.
Tracey Lulek 10 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

Ability for agents to see their schedule Weekly.

Right now agents can only see their schedules by day in WFM and it would be helpful for them to see their schedule in a Weekly view.
Diana Perez 9 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Pride flag emoji

Pride flag emoji / self explanatory
Elaine J. Urrutia (she | her) over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Under review

Unified id for apps in contact center

Please add a global id for agent's in NICE CX-ONE contact center, at the moment ACD uses its own id, WFM has no none, QM has their own but is not the same as in ACD, so we can create a Dashboard that can show results from across apps of an agent o...
Eduardo Rivera 6 months ago in RingCentral Contact Center 0 Under review

Set Users Status on their behalf

It would be nice to be able to set a users status remotely to DND if they are away from their desk or out of office.
Zoe Ratchford over 3 years ago in RingCentral Phone 13 Under review

Control Calls Using a Desk Phone With the Desktop App

Currently, our office is set up so that when receiving or making a call, users can use either their desk phone or the RingCentral desktop app if their computer has a microphone. Most of our users prefer to use the desk phone, or need to due to not...
Scott VanDyken over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 4 Under review

Dial-in option for Webinar Attendees

Customer would like to have an option for the attendees to do a dial-in for their Webinar.
Claire Tijamo 8 months ago in RingCentral Webinar 0 Under review