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Increase SMS character capacity from 1000 to 2000

Increase SMS character capacity from 1000 to 2000
Guest almost 3 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review

Persistent presence 'dots' on Messages/Team chat/Contacts windows.

Still new to RC and exploring about - and finding that certain items, while seemingly logical, aren't programmed in. (Well, 98% programmed...) What I mean by this is there are the Presence 'dots' (status colors) for when you are seeing the users u...
Joe Cache - 1601 almost 3 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Under review

Create Additional Expansion Slots for Sidecar/Expansion Modules

When utilizing RC Polycom VVX 450 users are only able to utilize 1 expansion module per device. Would it be possible to increase the number of allowed modules as well as utilize modules from other devices/purchase from third party?
Taylor Wells about 2 years ago in Hardware 0 Under review

Ring Central Desktop app install options

Currently the exe format of the install seems to have limited command line options and the MSI install is a much larger file. when using tools to remotely push applications to install this becomes a problem. looking for a way (but not limited to) ...
Ken OConnor almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 3 Under review

RC Phone: Call forwarding rule based on a monthly calendar view

Please add an option to forward calls in Ring Central Phone based on a monthly calendar view. at a glance of a calendar month you can see which member calls will be forwarded to, and easily change it when needed. For example, see in attached...
Paul Berberich over 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

allow adaptive cards to take full width available

Right now you can programmatically post cards to a ring central room, but they are very limited in width. So if you try to post something like a table of data, you can do it, but your table will tend to get cut off. There will be lots of free spac...
Rob Messer 9 months ago in Developer Platform and APIs 0 Under review

Text Icons NEED to be different for different numbers

When I am texting with someone, often times, the icon that appears around the initials of their name is the EXACT same color of the icon that appears around my initials. This often leads to me missing texts since it looks like I was the last perso...
Amanda Piela 9 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Have capability of using two ring central accounts on one device using the mobile app.

Wanted to have this capability to be able to log in to one mobile app for two account so there is no need to keep on re-logging in from one account to another.
Guest about 2 years ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 Under review

Customizable Dial-by-Name prompt

Would like the ability to record a prompt for the Dial-by-Name directory. Use case is this: We are a non-profit who serves teachers. We have a fleet of field representatives assigned to field areas made up of school districts. If a teacher calls, ...
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

.HEIC File Format on SMS

Please add support for file formats .HEIC .HEIF .HEVC on SMS. We are a healthcare company that request timesheets from nurses. 50% of our user base has iphones and it is an impossible task to request them to set different photo settings to send in...
Lindsey Gloria about 1 year ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review