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QM - Bulk Delete Unused Interactions

Deleting unused interactions is time consuming and counter productive. A bulk delete feature would save time and make the process of searching for specific interactions more efficient.
Nancy Fulton over 1 year ago in RingCentral Contact Center 0 Future consideration

Public RingCentral Video API

Vote for this idea to join the waiting list for access to the upcoming RingCentral Video API. This idea pertains to making available to developers and partners a public RingCentral Video API that would contain the following features: Ability to cr...
Byrne Reese over 1 year ago in Developer Platform and APIs / RingCentral Video 1 Future consideration

Change agent state through Max Supervisor

When launching supervisor I want the ability to change an agents status for example if I wanted them in available and they were unavailable I can manually change their status for them or vice versa
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Contact Center 3 Future consideration

Make columns adjustable for Task view

In Ring Central Classic app, you could adjust columns and be able to see a full task in list view and also see many more tasks on one screen before having to scroll. Now I can see only see a handful of tasks on the screen before needing to scroll ...
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Future consideration

report for call queue member status at different times

On Admin Portal or Analytics portal to have an option to view the status of the call queue member during a specific timeframe. For example: Agent A was available on the call queue from 11:30 am -11:32 am. Status changed to busy due to a received c...
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 Future consideration

Have the option to view as another user (security profile)

It would be really useful if as a Super Admin, you had the option to view as another user's security profile. So, rather than having to change your own profile security level, you could view it as someone else, to check they have the correct acces...
Sarah Marshall over 1 year ago in RingCentral Contact Center 0 Future consideration

Reporting for Current Time Zone

Allow for bi reports to run reporting on current user time zone. When call interactions are recorded they are stamped with current time zone. When reporting is ran they are stamped with universal time zone. This is throwing off our QM reporting at...
Guest over 1 year ago in RingCentral Contact Center 1 Future consideration

Give possibility to calculate the SLA on FB Messenger over all responses, not only the on the first response.

I'd like to know the service level from the first response to the last response. How quick are we to respond to the customer requests. Actually, I can get from Dimelo the Average Time of Response, but I'd like to know how many responses were given...
Guest almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Engage Digital 2 Future consideration

Recording speaker only in RingCentral Video

With all participants muted except one speaker, we would like to record the 'speaker video/audio only' for the presentation portion of the meeting. In ringcentral meetings, that is accomplished with spotlight video and then record - glip's video m...
Guest almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Video / RingCentral Web/Desktop App 7 Future consideration

Increase size of Local Connect Buckets

Increase the number of local DIDs in Local Connect buckets. Increasing the number of DIDs assocaited with a campaign with reduce downstream carrier throttling for high volume customers.
Tim Arnott almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Engage Voice 0 Future consideration