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Adjust data refresh rate in Analytics

sometimes it's I'd like to check call analytics quicker than having to wait until the top of the hour.
Guest 11 months ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 Under review

Allow text to be typed in Fax TO: field in desktop app

You should not have to add a Contact before faxing. Right now, if you fax using a template and only a fax number, then the cover letter show nothing in the TO: line. I want to be able to have a separate "TO:" field and "Fax number" field, so my co...
Dee Ann Gee 11 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review

Need setting to be able to change fax download folder location in desktop app

After a fax is sent, then download it (using icon on right). It defaults to downloading to the local PC Downloads folder. However, in a business environment, we must be able to customize this to download to another drive and folder. Storing to loc...
Dee Ann Gee 11 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 1 Under review

Sync Reject between desktop Phones and app(s)

Currently if "Reject" an incoming call on my desk phone it still continues to ring on my desktop and mobile app. "Reject" should be synced so the call stops ringing at all locations and goes to voicemail
Salvador Sandoval 11 months ago in RingCentral Phone 0 Under review

Billing: Licenses and Inventory should list all available licenses in the account

We have identified an issue with the Billing Licenses and Inventory Page of the Admin Portal where the Additional Local Number license quantity does not display Available licenses if they are not directly under the company site or in a different c...
Fraz Hamid 11 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

When a user's email is changed, it should also change the voicemail to email notification

when you change a user's email, it doesn't change the voicemail to email notification's email. This needs to be updated.
Rachel Brefo-Burroughs 11 months ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review

API for managing cost center in RC

API to manage cost center in Ring central.
thanya c 11 months ago in Developer Platform and APIs 0 Under review

Bonafide ERP Integrations

Please let me know if you guys have any integrations or apps with BONAFIDE.
Nagaraj Kunda 11 months ago in RingCentral Integrations 1 Future consideration

Increase the MMS file size attachment

Getting an error submitting a large MMS file size attachment, I have to compress it first. We are a business entity so it will be helpful if the MMS file size will be increased to more than 1.5 MB.
Laine's Enterprise 11 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review

Issue w/ formatting of 'notes' in a Custom Fax Template

I created a custom fax template and applied the 'notes' section to be pulled in. However when I add text to the notes section when sending a fax, it looses the formatting (i.e. Enter to a new line). I called and spoke with support who confirmed it...
Randi Rosenblatt 11 months ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Already exists