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It would be a lot easier to be able to send PDF through RingCentral texting.

To make RingCentral more effective it would be a nice feature to be able to send a PDF file over RingCentral texting.
Delma Ramirez 6 days ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Add the ability to use "Presence" option on to add Paging Only extensions to hard phone DSS keys (Yealink T46S)

Currently, we are able to use the “Presence” option within RingCentral to configure our T46S DSSKeys to one touch for our Park Locations. Rather than trying to set up a URL configuration that is specific to each location, we wanted to see if we wo...
Ryan Dunlap 1112 7 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Ability to report on metrics over time

Would love the ability to pull reports for things like talk time and total calls over the course of weeks or months at a time vs. needing to pull all of that independently; currently pulls the total, but unable to break that down into detail
Katelyn Mellinger 9 days ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 New

We need a delete button on the call register. Now, I have to click three times to delete a call from the list.

A delete button or icon on every line of the call log.
Shawn Miller about 7 hours ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Allow Super Admin to view group messages in Ring Central

Team Chats in Ring Central should allow the Super Admin to monitor communications to ensure the banks liability is protected. The same way companies have access to employees emails to protect the company
Sam Khairallah about 8 hours ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Custom voice mail prompts

is it possible to add options to soft Phone (would be nice for hard phones as well) to press a button not (answer or not answer) but a custom prompt like some mobile phone do to send info (in a voice prompt) like on a call currently please call ba...
Ken OConnor about 14 hours ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Fax Word Docs

I was able to fax files with .doc and .docx with .pdf Now, only .pdf's get through. I read there was an update that dropped the .doc extensions. Please bring this back.
Steven Dexheimer 1 day ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Please Pin the dial pad to the software so it is always open, (even after you hang up on call). It is frustrating to always have to go grab (open) and drag the dial pad when you use a headset at work.

It would benefit every single user of the Ring Central software and bring a huge smile to the faces of your customers.
Clancy D'Angelo 1 day ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Short cut key for Close Window in Desktop App

Maybe its just me and I cant find the option but on my Mac I normally close windows with the shortcut key (command W) but it doesnt work on this app. Just a suggestion!
Rachel Knapp 1 day ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Voice activated dialing

are you ever going to consider voice activated dialing instead of mouse or touch controlled?
Alice Frederick 1 day ago in RingCentral Mobile App 0 New