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Ability to group and sort HUD contacts

Need the ability to sort HUD contacts by first name, last name, or department. Also, need the ability to create folders for grouping contacts.
Stephen Kone 6 days ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 New

Creating functions with KPI's

It would be nice to be able to do simple functions with the KPI's that I create. For example if I have a call group that has 1000 abandoned calls a week it would be able to subtract all calls that total time was less then 10 secs. This function co...
Peter Canon 6 days ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 New

Global Holiday Setting

This would allow users to enable a system wide setting for all IVR,'s and call queues to put them in a holiday mode rather than doing it individually
Intelesys Admin 9 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 2 New

More Granular User Caller ID Permissions

Would be great if administrators can decide which numbers a user can use for outbound caller ID. Right now, all company numbers, contact center routing numbers, and site numbers are visible to anyone who has access to change their caller ID at all...
Kevin Micol 9 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Call queue button on phone set.

Need a call queue log in/log out button on physical phone.
Remote Access RMATS 9 days ago in Hardware 0 New

Disable HIPAA for a specific user.

We aim to have the ability to deactivate HIPAA compliance for a particular user.
Kenneth Tarosa 9 days ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 New

Better Integration With Audio Devices

I have a Poly Sync 20-M (the Teams version), and other video conferencing apps that I use (Teams, Zoom, etc.) will sync the mute button on the speaker with the mute control in the app. So if I press the mute button in the app with my mouse, the sp...
Kevin Micol 9 days ago in RingCentral Meetings & Webinar 0 New

Remove ability for users to block their caller ID and limit My Caller ID options

I am from a legal and collections agency where we need to follow Truth In Caller ID Act (47 U.S. C. § 227(e) which states (1) IN GENERAL.—It shall be unlawful for any person within the United States, in connection with any telecommuni-cations serv...
Donna Morell 9 days ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New

Team Message Filtering

Please provide the ability to generate top talkers report for specific Teams/chat channels.
Jennifer Mar 9 days ago in RingCentral Analytics 0 New

Ability to customize Missed calls Email notifications

Hi It could be very usefull to be able to customize the Email Notification. Making it more corporate, adding company logo, custom text and even customize the sending email address. The best will be the ability of sync the caller's information to o...
Vincent Bonnamy 9 days ago in RingCentral Phone 0 New