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Created by Guest
Created on Aug 27, 2020

Hide Contacts from RingCentral Contacts List

I'd ike to be able to hide some accounts from the contacts list, within the RingCentral desktop app. For example, we have an account assigned to someone who hasn't started working yet. For now, I don't want them to show up within the Contact List.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Apr 18, 2022

    Hi Bob,

    If you don’t have the Company Directory settings available, contact support to enable it on your RingCentral online account.

  • Bob Feezor
    Apr 16, 2022


    When I go to the admin portal, I don���t see it implemented. Do you have to do something for it to work?

    This is an idea I requested early on when I started the service.

    Bob L Feezor

    ExecuBusiness Centers


  • Cote_Business Systems
    Apr 15, 2022

    This has been implemented, but now there is a "Teams" tab under contacts in the mobile and web RC apps that has a default "All Employees" team - if it is selected, then all the contacts we are trying to hide are still available - I now have users playing and sending messages to ALL of the user extensions I am trying to hide and protect because they cause automatic notifications to customers and other automated workflows. So RC added a new feature that auto un-hides the new hide contacts feature!

  • Admin
  • Rylie Perrault
    Sep 17, 2021

    Thanks for your patience as we dug into this item. Unfortunately, there were some internal miscommunications and this feature is in a closed beta status currently, and not available GA. Beta is not currently available in RC Integration Apps or in Chrome Extension.

    To help mitigate this hiccup, we're partnering with the product manager of the beta to get you all access in the interim, Joe, Josh, and Michel. We're working to have it turned on for you next week. If you have any feedback on the beta, please reach out at with the subject line "Company Directory Control Beta Feedback".

    The GA rollout of this feature is tentatively planned for Q1 2022. If anyone else is interested in joining the beta before then, please reach out to the email above.

    Thanks all for your understanding, we've put some additional review steps in place with the Product team to ensure this doesn't happen again.

  • Rylie Perrault
    Sep 16, 2021

    Only account managers have the ability to enable this feature. We'd be glad to work with you if you are having any problems reaching your account manager. We can be reached at

  • Cote_Business Systems
    Sep 15, 2021

    We contacted our Account Rep and he replied with "... have to escalated this to Tech Support level 2. I don't have access to turn on or enable that feature..." Now waiting with fingers crossed - lets see how long and how many different departments this has to go through before it actually gets activated - I'll update you all when it does. If anyone has more info and some better reference I should provide my Account Rep, let me know. Thanks

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Sep 13, 2021

    Here's an idea, being a snarky Monday - maybe lead with that fact the next time... And, why would this not be turned on for all SuperAdmins as an account default? Why hide it?

  • Rylie Perrault
    Sep 13, 2021

    Josh and Joe,

    I've just spoken with the product team. "Company Directory Controls" needs to be turned on in AI to use this feature. This can be done by contacting your Account Manager.

    Thank you for your quick + helpful feedback, we appreciate you!

  • Joe Cache - 1601
    Sep 13, 2021


    It's then useless if, as a SuperAdmin, I can not use it on the web portal... it's where 99.9% of the updates take place.

    Yes, I've signed out, cleared cookies, and cleared the browser - any other place to look at for the option - besides service.ringcentral???

  • Josh Berman
    Sep 13, 2021

    I do not have this option in my User Details screen. Is it available in all versions of RingCentral Office? Do I need to do something to enable this feature?

  • Rylie Perrault
    Sep 13, 2021

    Hi, this feature is now available within the Admin Portal!

    You can hide a contact from the company directory by going to User Details. This is not yet available in the web/desktop app. Please reach out to our team for further support!

  • Kelly Brusky
    Sep 7, 2021

    We need this as well.

  • Paul Viellieux
    Aug 30, 2021

    Absolutely, positively, please add this!!!

  • Dan Thorne
    Jan 19, 2021

    This would be very helpful for our business too. We have many generic contacts for extensions that are available to take calls off the queue. The general extensions aren't associated with individual users and only clutter the public address book.


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