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Created by Jorge Mico
Created on Aug 25, 2023

Ability to See Incoming Other Call Queue Ext Calls While on an Active Call

- Includes Overflow Call Queue: If a user is a member of both the main queue and the overflow call queue he/she should have the ability to see that there's an incoming call for the overflow call queue while he is in an active call.

- Ability to take another incoming call from another call queue while in an active call from the first call queue.

- This increases awareness of the user to cater longer waiting people on queue which will benefit the helpdesk that needs to filter calls by urgency.

  • Admin
    Jessica Hernandez
    Aug 25, 2023

    Hi Jorge,

    Have you considered call queue pickup groups for your use case? The call queue pickup group feature lets pickup group members answer the calls waiting in a call queue so the callers don’t have to wait for the primary agents. If calls have been waiting for more than the configured Alert time, pickup members will receive a call notification on their phones, and soft clients can answer the call by pressing the pickup key. Pickup members who are also call queue agents can pick up multiple queue calls in sequence. Pickup members who aren’t call queue agents can help answer calls when the queue is busy, which improves response time.

    This call queue pickup group feature is available to RingCentral MVP Premium and Ultimate subscribers. To learn more about how to use call queue pickup groups, check out this KB article:

    I'm marking this idea as completed, but if you have alternative use cases that are not addressed by call queue pickup groups, please let us know!