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Status New
Created by Kara W | Ops 276 | She, Her
Created on Aug 29, 2023

Updates to Quote feature for Replies

I'd love the "quote" feature to only include the first line of the message and link back to the original message to see the full content. The log gets pretty clogged up when a message is very long, and people keep quoting multiple quotes after the original message.

It would be great if you had a "reply" feature in addition to "quote" (or instead of it) that allowed you to respond within a message in a conversation style, similar to Facebook. This would allow you to collapse messages with many responses and expand when needed. Active conversations with new replies would then appear at the bottom of the list as unread once a new reply is created. This is particularly helpful when we post celebratory messages for birthdays and anniversaries that result in an onset of multiple gifs and comments without missing the original message (or having to scroll back up dozens of responses to find it).