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Status New
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Doug Ritchie
Created on Sep 1, 2023

Reach into multiple Inboxes to listen to and administer more than just your own inbox

I Login to my RingCentral Phone using my extention... but, our company operateds on a call-back system where incoming calls to our support department must leave a message for us to return. Those incoming messages are dropped into the "support" inbox for any of our support agents to listen to and administer (call back and delete from the inbox). THis couold be done by multiple support agents. But, from our extention, we can't see that "support inbox" without logging out of our extention and logging in to the "support" extention.

I would like a feature in the "RingCentral Phone" app that would allow a user to have visibility and ability to adminiter messages left in NOT ONLY my own inbox.... but, also the "support inbox" since that user is a support agent.

We don't want to change the incoming calls to drop into a different user's inbox... since we have multiple support agents... we want the multiple support agents to be able to see into and adminsiter messages in the "shared" inbox for the "support department".