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Status New
Created by Dana Koselke
Created on Sep 6, 2023

Add and Delete users and user history easier

When an employee leaves we used to be able to delete the employee and then add the new employee under the same phone number. When we deleted the last time we were told we would have to pay for a new phone line. So now when an employee leaves we change the user to Teller or MSR until we hire another employee. When the new employee starts we edit the old user with the new user info and save. Well the new employee can see all of the old employees text messages, chats, vm's. Its really not professional. Need something better in place.

  • Ken OConnor
    Oct 11, 2023

    Disable user then under user section (near bottom) there is a reset and assign button to make this easier. problem is if the user never registered account then there is no reset and assign button as they assume you just change then name and e-mail on the account.