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Status Under review
Created by Emma Murray
Created on Jan 26, 2021

Improve availability/ presence settings to reflect if a user truly is busy rather than just their calendar schedule

Customer request to improve the presence/ availability indicator within the app t reflect whether a user is truly busy or not. Use case is that if someone has a meeting booked in for an hour the app will show that the user is busy for the full hour, if the user ends their video meeting 15 minutes early the app will still show them as busy for this 15 minutes even though they are available. Customer would like their presence to reflect whether they are on a call or video meeting rather than just what is in their calendar.

Product Line RingCentral App
  • Marshall Christopherson
    Sep 1, 2022

    While you are at it, It would be extremely helpful if the Microsoft Status and the RingCentral status could match all of the time. Not just when in a scheduled meeting, but impromptu Teams calls too. I'm on a RingCentral call and someone calls me on Microsoft Teams and vice versa.

  • Josh Berman
    Sep 28, 2021

    This would be VERY helpful. Often meetings end early so I need a way to change my availability status back to Available instead of the RingCentral app forcing my status based on my calendar.


Update Presence Settings to allow Manual "Busy" Signal

RingCentral should allow users to manually select "busy" to reflect a red dot. This will allow for more flexibility and will provide users the freedom to be unavailable for periods of time throughout the workday. While the feature is automatic wit...
Annalisa Pusick over 1 year ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 0 Under review