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Created by Chris Anton
Created on Sep 11, 2023

Forward calls to next group if no members of group available

We have an office administrator who takes a break at various times of the day and needs the phone routed to our customer service group when she is. We have a group called Main Number that customers are routed to when calling our main company number. She is the only member of this group, and this group routes calls to our customer service group when she does not answer.

The problem is: if she sets the phone to Do Not Disturb or Do Not Accept Queue Calls the phone will still ring for the customer, just not her phone. So the customer hears the number of rings that the Maximum Wait Time is allowed, and THEN the call is transferred to customer service. I was informed there is no way around this. Customers shouldn't have to wait the maximum wait time before their call is routed and then wait until someone picks it up from that new group. Also, the office admin shouldn't have to change the maximum wait time to "do not wait" every time she goes on break and then back again.

If all members of a group are currently unavailable, it should skip that group entirely and use the forward settings that group has. Or make a new setting for what happens when all group members are unavailable.

  • Jeffrey Simon
    Nov 14, 2023

    We have our configuration set so that if busy or no answer, the call moves sequentially to the next one in the queue. For no answer, it is set to 15 seconds, which is fine. But for busy, it always takes the same 15 seconds before timing out. WE DO NOT WANT THIS!. We don't want to put any calls on hold. The reason we have other agents is so they can answer the call, and the caller gets an immediate answer.

    Now if you had 10 stations that were all busy except the last one, it would take 10 times 15 seconds or 150 seconds to get to the last agent or IVR. People won't wait that long. Makes the IVR nearly useless as few have the patience to get to it.

    Who designed this?