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Status New
Created by Don Dillon
Created on Sep 18, 2023

New report for Ring Groups and corresponding DID numbers

Many customers would enjoy this type of report. We are looking for a report that shows the main number of our ring group and the 2 DID numbers associated with the Ring Group in a standard .csv format.

I was advised that since the main number has a custom rule that says when X number is dialed to follow Y path to the ring group where you have the office and deli phones set to ring both. Our reporting is restricted and cannot identify the custom rule call path to identify the extensions that are being connected to.

I would encourage you to please create a feature request

In the meantime, I am going to check in with our product team for analytics to see if there is a way to build a report like this but having the feature request submitted will help me advocate for this. Once submitted please send me the request number which should look something like this CUSTOM-I-10511