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Status New
Created by Johannah Steinbrecher-Booker
Created on Sep 20, 2023

Inbound Calls Performance Reporting - Allow different view of data

Current State: Discrepancy of Inbound Call Count Between Call Queues and Users in Performance Report | RingCentral is a known issue.

Problem Statement: Because of the the reporting using a 1:1 of inbound calls and the first user to answer, the reporting is not accurate for our users performance.

Future Solution: Allow a different view of the data. Capture the data for total call times even in the instance of call transfers. Instead of capturing a one to one for the inbound calls and FIRST user who answers. Allow a view that shows it broken down by the users and their time for the whole call (allow for duplication of the calls basically in the reporting). If the report can show that the 'call instance' is a duplicate and shared among users, this can also analyze the data.