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Status New
Created by Joms Knight
Created on Sep 25, 2023

Sending fax from the contacts RingCentral app. should Identify automatically the fax number saved on the contacts.

When sending a fax from the contacts using the RingCentral app, and the contacts have multiple numbers saved such as business, mobile, or fax. When choosing a contact to whom to send the fax the system should identify automatically which is the fax number. The current behavior is when you choose a contact on the contact list and try to send a fax to that contact with multiple numbers, it always sends to the first contact number and does not automatically send a fax to the fax number registered to the contact reason why the fax is failing because it was being sent to the wrong number.

It will be easier if that is available or at least when sending faxes to the contacts it should give an option to choose a number if the contact has multiple numbers saved.