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Created by Curt Runia
Created on Sep 25, 2023

Return call handing the way it was

You destroyed call handing and management with the latest changes. Takes too long to find what selection you need to make a change.

Previously, to change the number of rings, forward to another extension or phone, you could make the change in three clicks. Go to User, select User, select phone and make the change. Every thing you needed was displayed. You knew exactly what extension/number you were changing, rings and number to forward. NOW, you dont even know what number you're working with and have to select from seven boxes and you dont know what box to pick because you have duplicate set up items with admin functions. Setup should be separated from admin.

Admin are the things to manage the phone number, daily, weekly, when out sick, on vacation or forward after someone quits or gets their ass fired for making stupid changes in the software without knowing your customers. Are you familiar with Bud Light commercial?

Setup are the things you might change once in six months or once in eight years. With all the features that have been added, there should be a selection panel on the features a business wants to use. Not throw twenty features at everyone when you only what to use three of them. Totally complicates the administration of the functions I want to use.

I've been a Ring Central customer since 2008. The latest changes made in the phone/call handing are by far the worst and you have to hunt and peck at least double the clicks to make a change in call handling. There should be an implementation rule that maximum number of clicks to accomplish a setting change in THREE (3) not four, not five not fucking six. If you only make changes once a month or six months, and have to hunt and peck all over again, the smoke get pretty thick pretty frinkin fast and you want to start looking for a new phone service.

I have Ring Central in five businesses and it DID leave us with great flexibility when someone call in sick, to make a quick change to have someone help out in another business. But with the new phone handing, it is not a quick change.