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Created by 1 ARMONK
Created on Oct 1, 2023

All Company #'s Available for SMS amongst multiple users NOT JUST operator extension

It seems SMS use of main company numbers ARE only accessible through the SINGLE dedicated operator. It would be very very helpful to have these numbers accessible for SMS capabilities across other users in the account. You are limiting a very important communications tool and feature to ONE user on the account when we have several users over several locations. either allow other users to have "OPERATOR" features or allow other users access to MAIN COMPANY numbers from the RC APP to sms directly. With so much spam these days, customers want to recognize who is texting them and they are used to seeing our company number.

  • Jedidah Ceron
    Nov 28, 2023

    With a staff of multiple users, we need a centralized locations for all incoming and outgoing texts.

  • Carolina Moskosky
    Oct 2, 2023

    Agree!! This is a much needed feature for smooth flow of conversation sharing for great customer service!