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Status New
Created by Stephen Bryan
Created on Oct 20, 2023

Background Wallpaper Logo / Screensaver

We just purchased and deployed Cisco's 8851 phones to our entire company from Spectrum, programmed/supported by Ring Central. After 3+ weeks of working with our IT department trying to figure out how to get our company logo on the wallpaper of the phones, to have it disappear in 1-2 hours after we get it on there, I found on the forums here that each time the phone provisions, it removes the Cisco saved programming that is directly entered into the Cisco background 3rd party software. I couldn't figure out why the saved settings kept changing. I see that this was an issue for another user back in 2020. It is now 2023 and our old Cisco phones that we had for over 15 years - displayed our company logo proudly. This is frustrating that this newer technology has lost this little feature of pride. It would be a great achievement to allow us to display our company logo proudly once again on the phones that we own.