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Status New
Created by Andrew Foden
Created on Nov 16, 2023

Emergency Services dialling for Mobile Devices in Healthcare without SIM Cards

In a healthcare situation tablets are often used as eCare devices and often do not have the capability to support SIM cards, or eSIMs. They are not mobile devices in the true sense of the word and do not leave a site or campus, although they often roam within the confines of that site..

Adding the RingCentral mobile client brings telephony and other features to this device and is a massive boost to patient care and positive outcomes. Being able to communicate directly with other healthcare professionals from a single device quickly and easily enables these positive outcomes.

Sometimes the healthcare professional will need to dial Emergency Services which currently cannot be done via the mobile MVP client without a SIM card as WiFi Calling is disabled.

Would it be possible to have a Healthcare version of the MVP application where this is functionality is enabled albeit with strict guidelines on where and how it is used.

The time taken to go and find another telephone to dial Emergency Services may be crucial in the outcome for that patient.