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Status New
Created by Leigh Baltazar
Created on Nov 29, 2023

"Ability to retain the initial call queue name when transferring to another call queue."

Suppose we have Queues A, B, C, and D that all have some sort of rules that might direct a call to Queue 1. The Agents on Queue 1 need to know where that call originated.

  • We have customers calling in to Brand X. We have a team of agents that answer "Thank you for calling Brand X, how can I help you?".

  • Separately, we have customers calling in to Brand Y, where we answer "Thank you for calling Brand Y..."

  • Sometimes, all of our agents our busy, so a call gets routed to our overflow team. Our overflow team might take a call for Brand X one minute and then a call for Brand Y the next minute, so it's important that the Caller ID tell them which brand/number/queue was dialed by the customer.