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Status Future consideration
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Created on Feb 4, 2021

RCV for Training - Can we get a share/load file feature?

Can we have the ability to share files with participants in the meeting and can we load in content to the presentation directly? For example, the Webex Training Center, allows the host to load PPP, Activity sheets, and other content into the meeting directly--allowing the participants to see the PowerPoint the moment they sign in without the host having to share a screen. They can also annotate and complete activities on the content directly without the use of a white board. I have added a picture of a file I would load into the presentation at the very beginning of class, and the participants would come in and begin engaging with the content immediately. Is this something RC expects to do and or implement in the near future?


Document sharing and linking in RCV

You can share links in chat - clickable. If it's to an external source, it could cause a big risk. Restrict active links within a chat. Control to not send links via chat - admin setting possibility
Rona Orenstein over 2 years ago in RingCentral Video 0 Future consideration