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Status Future consideration
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 4, 2021

RE: "Edit Task" Window - Create a way to expand the "description" field

On RC Classic: When you open a task to edit it, you are able to click and hold a corner button that allows expansion of the field. This feature does not exist in the new app.

Why it's useful: When you have a lot more information to add to a task than just a few sentences, it becomes tedious to have to scroll through the tiny window to see what I've been typing.

  • Guest
    Nov 15, 2021


  • Guest
    Jun 17, 2021

    Yes I agree. If we had the option to see more of what we are typing it would be more useful

  • Julie Read
    Jun 17, 2021

    Yes, I agree with the previous comments as well.

  • Sara Meyer
    Jun 17, 2021

    I agree, I just had to create a task and I had a lot of information to include and could only see three lines at a time. It is not very user friendly when you have to try to scroll and only able to see very little of the information when you are typing. It would also be helpful to have the text editing features like messages do so you can create bulleted and number lists.

  • Guest
    Feb 4, 2021

    I've attached screenshots of what is described above for visual aid.