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Status Under review
Created by Brian Kibbe
Created on Feb 4, 2021

Use same text to speech technology for custom voicemail greetings etc.

I have found that the IVR text to speech is useful and effective. It would be helpful if we could use this same text to speech function for other messages in RingCentral. Examples:

  • Custom voicemail greetings

  • Custom connection messages

  • Anywhere that RingCentral allows you to record a custom message, those are places where text to speech would be useful

  • Eric Ng
    Aug 30, 2022

    Dev! Please, please, please, sugar coated please implement this. We love how we can use it for holiday announcement. Please enable this for all area where we can record a greeting/announcement/prompt. Thank you!

  • Victor Apple
    Aug 19, 2021

    This very much needs to be a feature and it needs to include automatically linking to portions of our accounts. I have hundreds of stores and having to create a custom recording for each address even though the address is in the directory assistance is ridiculous. It'd be so easy to simply check a box that relays that information.