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RC App for mobile - Call logs

Hi Team,

Sending feedback in behalf of from one of our partners/resellers.

The current issue is that a call queue member can receive calls from a contact that they have stored on their mobile devices, and not know if the call was to their own DID/EXT or to the queue. As the missed calls from a queue show in the user’s call log, and the contacts stored translate the call log entries (stripping the queue name from the entry) a user does not know if the call was to themselves or the queue.

We need to find a solution, such that a queue member can be certain if the call needs to be returned, or if the call was missed due to it being a call queue call.

This could be that the call queue calls do not create an entry in the user call log. This could be that the call log entry is not updated to reflect the stored contact name. If there is a third option that RingCentral can present, we would be grateful for that as well.

As per our Solutions Engineer's advise,

In the RC Phone App, each call in the log will have an "i" icon on the right-hand side that gives "event details." One of the things you can see in that section is the number that was called (it appears under "Missed Call" in the "to" field). If the direct number for the queue or another company number is displayed (if routing through IVR), you know it was a queue call. The RC App for mobile works the same way.

You can also log in to service web and check the call log. The "name" column will show the queue name even if the caller is a contact.

This issue here is if a contact is saved on the apps contacts or on mobile device, the call logs appearance changes from the call queue name to the caller's name.

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  • Feb 5 2021
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