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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Jessa Remo
Created on Feb 5, 2021

Add External Number to Presence or show up Speed dial numbers to phone screen (Phones from RingCentral)

Presence feature is only for RingCentral numbers. Hoping to add external numbers to show on phone's screen for Presence. Or if possible, speed dial numbers can be added to show in phone's screen.

  • BoxOffice Incoming
    Oct 15, 2022

    The system has not really moved on in years and all the no brainer things you expect to be able to do are still only "under review". Lets face it we will all be migrating to Teams calling as our existing contracts run out.

  • Chris Hudlet
    Sep 9, 2022

    So RC has added the ability to put speed dials on Mitel phones, but they limited it to 24 lines and are calling the limit a "feature". But now you can't add anything to the phone via the phone interface and it pushes any additional "presence" lines way down the screen. Come on RC if presence can be used for more than 24 lines, then so can any other keymap function. Please fix this "feature" to be fully functional.

  • Chris Hudlet
    Aug 12, 2022

    Thanks for adding the extra features for the Speed Dial's in the portal. Can we ask to enable that ability for each user in the HUD? It would save me a lot of time if I could let the end user manage their own speed dials. Thanks.

  • Ian Doyle
    Jun 16, 2022

    This is a critical feature of a phone system that less tech savvy user absolutely need.

  • Alexander Dicke
    Jun 7, 2022

    This needs to be added stat. The fact that other obsolete on-premise solutions have this feature, while a hosted cloud solution does not, boggles the mind. How do other businesses on RingCentral provision staff's phone systems with the appropriate configuration? I represent a company of 18 end users and I can only image the nightmare larger companies have with standardizing a configuration for their entire staff. Perhaps I am too controlling when it comes to what is displayed on our staff's phone dss keys. Anyhow cheers!

  • Adam Ramczyk
    May 16, 2022

    Yes please!

  • Maryjoanna Allera
    Mar 29, 2022

    Customer also requested this feature other Provider can do this

  • Andy Gorode
    Nov 30, 2021

    That's a pretty weak feature of the system. I hope it's added soon. Systems 25 years old have that ability. This is not progress.


External Speed dial contact

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Setup Speed Dial to External numbers from within the App (Presence)

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