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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 5, 2021

Dial 9+number for main company Caller ID #, 8 for second caller ID #

Our old system let us dial for example:

9 plus the phone number and it would show the main company number

8 plus the number and it would show the number of another phone # on the account (e.g. the person's direct line, or just another selected number to show)

RC support suggested me to change the caller ID of the phone in the admin portal, however we have multiple phones that are used heavily during the day (all desk phones, no mobile app) and the employees need to be able to quickly select which company # to show when dialing out. The mobile app has this feature: the dropdown lets you select which number to call out from. Please add this dial code feature to be able to change the caller ID on the fly from desk phone without changing settings every time on the admin portal.