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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Adi s
Created on Feb 6, 2021

Dial code/prefix for different caller ID

I need this feature (like all other phone systems have), that will allow the user to dial a prefix before the number and different prefixes will send different caller ID numbers:

-Certain phones can dial 9 + the phone number to use the Main company number as the outgoing caller ID number for this call

-Certain phones can dial 8 + the phone number to use their direct number (or other assigned #) as the outgoing caller ID number for this call

RC support suggested to change the user's caller ID in the admin portal, except this doesn't make sense if you have one phone in a busy environment that is constantly being used by several people, and there are 2 businisses that have to easily change caller ID immediately without any settings. The mobile app has a nice dropdown box that will allow you to change the caller ID on-demand, however there is now way to do it on-demand on the desk phone.

Other systems let me define this in the outbound caller ID route/rule section, e.g. the Grandstream UCM, other Asterisk systems etc.