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Ability to assign Custom Fax Cover Page to all Users with Extensions (Company )

Hello, we would like to use our Custom Fax Cover page for the entire company, (users with extensions) We must provide a disclaimer on our fax cover page as we send faxes with sensitive data. Currently our only option is to assist each of our end users to use the RC App or RC Phone App walking them through adding the custom cover page, and using the application to send faxes.

We'd prefer to use SMTP / email to send out faxes, but then it reverts to using the templates provided by RingCentral. Currently it is 'Contempo' but it does not include a disclaimer.

This is VERY important to our organization!

Thank you,

  • Guest
  • Feb 10 2021
  • Under review
  • Craig Rhinehart commented
    29 Mar 12:40pm
  • Vickie Gray commented
    15 Mar 01:48pm

    We need a custom fax cover page!!!!!

  • Yihaies Makonnen commented
    17 Feb 11:21pm

    We were able to add our Custom Fax Cover, back in 2018.

    But now No, that feature is no longer available. That is so unprofessional for all Financial Services NOT to have their Broker Dealers' information and Disclaimer Page.

    FINRA and SIPC are requirements for Financial Industries.

  • Craig Rhinehart commented
    21 Jan 06:41pm

    There should absolutely be a feature for adding a company-wide fax cover page. Looks like it can be done in the older Cloud Phone app, but that is apparently on a per-user basis and also cannot be used in the Ring Central app (or in our case the Avaya Cloud Office app). This is standard functionality in corporate fax systems. I'm shocked it's not already present. Please provide this functionality.

  • Brian Erle commented
    21 Jan 04:27pm

    As a medical office that sends and receives dozens of faxes every day and where we need to have our logo and be able to indicate HIPAA guidelines for handling of the materials this is a real show stopper for us and the ONLY reason that we continue to use the RC Phone app.

    I will go a step further and indicate that because we are still somewhat forcibly using the RC Phone app it has severely inhibited our company's ability to use the RingCentral Meetings/Video because you have to launch the separate RingCentral application in order to use it, and then no one know what to do at this point because they are not used to seeing this interface.

    I also note that while you can add a file to a new fax from the flagship RingCentral application you cannot import directly from a scanner the way you can with the older RingCentral Phone App.

    It would be welcome news to see RingCentral put this as a priority and implement this soon. It seems silly to say this as in all other ways RingCentral is a fine platform, but if we cannot utilize a simple feature like a customized fax page it may force us into considering where else we can find the feature.

  • Harut Davtyan commented
    19 Jan 01:34am

    Also would like to bump this and second it: the ability to custom the fax cover page, especially the to and from sections are very vital to our organization. Please add that functionality!

  • Matt Jackson commented
    28 Dec, 2021 08:17pm

    Strongly second this, this option is vitally important to our organization which is in the healthcare field.

  • Trung Le commented
    20 Dec, 2021 07:08pm

    We need the feature to allow our users to create a custom fax cover page via Ringcentral App "R". This is an option in RingCentral phone app but we want this feature enhanced to RC app as we are solely using the RC app and don't want to go back and forth between two apps.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jul, 2021 11:43pm

    Just writing to strongly support the above comment here. We, as Super Admins on our company Ring Central accounts, NEED to be able to create custom fax cover pages and make them available to all of our staff members. Individually creating a customer fax sheet per user is very inefficient. Also, not being able to add our logo seems unprofessional. Please let us know if there are plans to fix the fax cover page options. Thank you.

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