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Created on Feb 11, 2021

Tag/Categorize calls for business analysis to solve business problems

We have Ring Central and use Auto Receptionist and call queues.

Admin can setup tags or categories in the portal (i.e. call resulted to a sale, call related to receiving shipment, call related to upgrading shipment, call related to account expiration).

Agents can choose the admin pre-defined tags/categories and assign it to the call in order to track the TYPE OF CALL.

Admin can run the reports filtering by tag/category in order to analyze types of calls. This features is HUGE for us. It will help the admin know how to run their business better like: 1) track phone sales vs online sales, 2) change their website to include more information to avoid a support call, 3) build more online client solutions to reduce a support call, address common FAQS to reduce a support call, do XYZ to increase phone sales.

Right now my agents have to literally count and remember to count calls that come in for call types of X,Y,Z in order for me to analyze the type of call to see how and where we need to improve things.