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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 22, 2021

For Analytics portal to reflect actual call details that are affected for each KPI it is applied to

Not enough details in Analytics Portal.

For example, while call queue calls show which calls were picked up, there is no indication of member status at the time the call came in. Audit trail would need to manually be checked, along with call log to identify if Agent was set to Take all calls at the time that the call came in.

Another instance is that while there is a KPI of Abandoned Hold, it does not show which call it is, to make it easier to track and listen to, should recording exist.

  • Guest
    Feb 22, 2021

    To clarify, the feature we need are as follows:

    1) For the Analytics Portal to include Agent Status on the Queue/Calls information so we can easily identify why it is not ringing the agents assigned.

    2) To include a detailed call info for calls affected under a certain KPI. Where you can click on a certain KPI's result/#of calls, and upon doing so would expand it to show the number/date/time of said call/s that was picked up / ignored / abandoned during hold by said agent.


Check Log In details of Members in Call Queue

I would like to know if we can have an option to see what time an agent logs into the calling queue
Guest almost 2 years ago in RingCentral Admin Portal 0 Under review