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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Feb 27, 2021

On the new "Ring Central App" add the "To: [phone number]" that is being called

On the Ring Central Phone App, it shows what vanity number our lead is calling. It shows on the app which 800 number is being called. We can track our lead sources this way. On the Ring Central App, it does NOT show the "To" and we cannot find out which number they are calling. Seems like an easy fix to transfer the programming from the RC Phone App to the RC App. We just need to know which number is being called. This is all on the Desktop.


Add which number is being called on the new RC App (Desktop)

On the previous RC Phone Desktop App, when a caller would call one of our vanity numbers, it would show which number they called, and we would know how to treat the call. Now on the new RC App, when the calls come in, it DOES NOT show what number ...
Guest over 2 years ago in RingCentral Web/Desktop App 2 Under review