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Status Under review
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Created on Mar 9, 2021

A report to show how many incoming calls per individual phone line per time period

Many companies use individual phone lines to track calls from different forms of advertising or different ad campaigns. Currently, there is not an easy way to see the number of calls per individual phone line for a particular time period. My company spends a lot of money for different advertising and a report like this would allow us to determine the effectiveness of the ad. Ringcentral had this reporting several years ago before the system was changed.

  • Bill Vendramin
    Dec 10, 2021

    I would venture to say a lot of companies would prefer to see statistics per hardphone, softphone or per phone number. Right now, seeing %missed via extension doesn't help an organization's call accountability. You could have a call going to an extension, ringing out a few simultaneous extensions and you would have no idea who is answering the call(s) from the performance reports.