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Status Under review
Created by Keith Brown
Created on Mar 9, 2021

Make Status Visible in the Dialer and Contacts Lists

The status feature (Available, On a Call, In a Meeting, DND, etc.) is a great feature but currently only shows in the messaging section and when you open a contacts profile in the RingCentral desktop app.

This makes it essentially useless for us as our main use of the RingCentral app is for making/receiving voice calls.

I am requesting that the status be made visible in the following locations in the RingCentral app:

  • Main search

  • Browsing contacts list (without opening profile)

  • Searching contacts in Dialer

  • Searching contacts when transferring or conferencing a call

Most importantly, we need to be able to see this status when transferring calls to route them to someone that is available.