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Status Under review
Created by Garyn Charlet
Created on Mar 10, 2021

Member access to call queue messages and do not delete if you don't save message

Call queues are almost useless if members can't access the messages. We may have 100 messages over a weekend, Either I have to give a receptionist Admin permissions so he/she can access the voice mails or they have to sit on the phone for an hour taking messages. I am amazed that this isn't standard. How do people deal with this?

  • Catherine Smithmyer
    May 22, 2021

    Yes, Call Queue members need to be able to access the messages without logging out of their own extensions. For your customers with HIPAA-enabled settings, we can't receive the Call Queue voicemails in our email (they are stripped by the HIPAA settings so that we get an email notification only, not the actual playable voicemail). So this is essential for your HIPAA-enabled customers.