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Status Under review
Created by Susan Arbogast
Created on Mar 11, 2021

Discontinue (1) Manager has Full Access to Call Queues - Admin Portal

Please consider discontinuing (1) Manager must have Full Access to Call Queue.

We have (27) Call Queues.

In a few instances it was necessary to access Managers in the General section of the Call Queue details.

Once edited, there is no way to go back, stop or discontinue assigning Full Access to a Manager.

If unintentionally enabled and email notifications of voice mail messages are also turned on, endless amounts of voicemails are sent to the Call Queue Manager.

In 2-3 setups, I had to assign my account to avoid bombarding any of our Team Leads, Supervisors or Managers with unwanted messages.

There needs to be a way to discontinue/disallow this feature in the Call Queue.

Creating a spare account with a fake email is a workaround, but an unacceptable solution in the back end if you desire to keep the database clean. Please fix it!!!!