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Status Under review
Created by Alan Silva
Created on Mar 16, 2021

Ability to Show/Hide numbers in Caller ID dropdown

By default, all numbers assigned to a Site show in the caller ID dropdown and all numbers assigned to a Call Queue show up for all members of that queue.

We have Sites and Call Queues with many numbers assigned to them (over 100 numbers) and there's no easy way to hide all those extra numbers.

We currently have to assign the numbers to a different "Number Inventory" Site and use custom rules to route the calls to the proper call queues. This hides the number from the dropdown but is quite cumbersome to manage and affects reporting and call log access for those numbers.

The ability to toggle show/hide number in caller ID dropdown would be very useful.

  • Yoann SEGAUD
    Oct 24, 2022

    I also interrested in. In my case, I would like to hide Contact Center numbers and some site numbers.


  • Kedar Tilak
    Aug 5, 2022

    I also would like a solution to this. I recently asked for "Internal Directory Control" (a free requested feature per the support article) thinking it may solve the problem... but it made it worse. Now the work-around presented by the original poster no longer works!

  • Alex Concepcion
    May 17, 2022

    Is there an update on this. As our sites grow it has become more and more problematic. We currently run 3 separate businesses out of our account. If this is not resolved soon we will have to find a new solution