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Created on Mar 23, 2021

Manage multiple calls on hold

My problem is I am often on one or two calls already.
I cannot constantly have the current call interrupted and HAVE to take/respond to the the next call.

Many of my calls are from gov officials overseas who are hard to reach.

I also do not have time OR INCLINATION to have to keep logging in, or checking somewhere for my messages. I want them pushed to me AS TEXT so I can choose how to reply, real-time.

Here is the caller experience:

John calls XYZ corp and gets a nice message,
"You have reached XYZ, etc"

Your system does this.

and then the system asks John, "May I ask what this is about?"

John says "National security call for david"

The system records that, and says,
"Okay, please standby" and puts them on hold.

Nice music, recording, etc while they wait.

On my desktop and iphone, I see a notification

VOICE TO TEXT converts caller's message so I can SEE what it is about

CALLER ID (often meaningless, but if valid I want number I can callback)

STATUS that they are still online, (or have left message)
and voice to text "national security call for david"

OPTIONS I am presented with how I want to handle that call realtime

1. I can hit 'hold caller'
and the system plays a recorded message for John,
"I will be with you in just a moment."
And shows me elapsed time caller is on hold

When I finish first call, I can now talk to John

2. I hit, callback msg" (with timeframes?)
I can select 30 mins, an hour, tomorrow, next few days.

John gets a nice message
"I can't be reached at the moment, but will call you back in X"

3. Ignore (junk)

Feel free to email or call 301 248 5720 or my email

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    Apr 1, 2022


    Could use another minor mod: I need auto receptionist to ask more than just ���name���

    For some odd reason THAT prompt cannot be edited���.?

    David Wartofsky
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