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Status Under review
Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Guest
Created on Mar 27, 2021

From the mobile app allow the super admin to access the call logs and make phone calls using any user/extension's number in the account

As the super admin, I would like from the mobile app, to see a call log of all calls to all extensions/numbers that have come in to the company as well as make an outbound call or text from any number in the entire company no matter the user. This is crucial for small companies that may have setup users for virtual employees or roles so that a small team or entrepreneur can be more agile in outgoing communications.

  • Fanny Di Domenicantonio
    Sep 9, 2021

    This is an URGENT requirement as this is preventing business to properly fonction: you can't track if missed calls from leads / clients have been called back - so you end up calling them twice or more - this is really a problem for managing a business.