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Created by Guest
Created on Mar 29, 2021

NEED to be able to delete glip-only users in the new RC app

With the introduction of the new all in one RingCentral app, admins can no longer delete Glip-only users on our account that are not tied to a RC phone extension.

This is a huge security problem. When a user leaves the company, there's no way to prevent them from continuing to use RingCentral via their Glip-Only login. Even if I delete their email from our organization, it's still a functional login for RingCentral. Short of granting myself permissions to the terminated user's email and then sending a self-reset, I have no way to manage/disable these users.

This option still exists in the Classic app. We've been advised that Classic will be retired soon (May?) so there is some real urgency here...