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Status Under review
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 2, 2021

Centralized Management of Analytics reports and Analytic Subscriptions.

We currently have a team of Admins that manage 2 different Ring central Systems. We all receive and process requests for Analytic reports and subscriptions. Unfortunately in it's current state there is no easy way to do this other than setting up a shared account and using that to keep all of our reports and subscriptions in.

This does work, but security wise is not the best practice, as it pretty much eliminates all tracking of user changes to a specific individual to this system. Plus it also has some issues.

We have also had many instances where a user has setup a subscription on their account, and asked for changes So we setup the report and subscription in the shared User account and now they a receiving the report twice a day. But yet we are unable to determine which account the subscription is actually setup in without getting into that specific acccount.

The Analytics portal should essentially be a shared Interface between everyone that has access.

If a report is created in account A, the report should be visible in all other accounts that have access to analytics.

The same should go for Subscriptions.

There should be a permissions level for analytics.

all access - for the Admin team - Create modify,delete, Full access as it is today.

Read only access- this would be for users that we want to view the reports or run the reports, but they wouldn't be able to make changes to the report.

thanks greg