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Categories RingCentral Phone
Created by Josh Gorrell
Created on Apr 7, 2021

Transfer to an extension from a cell phone

All of our agents use their cell phone as a virtual extension. When call call is transferred to them from RC, sometimes they need to transfer the call to another user/extension. It would be awesome if they could do that without using the RC app.

  • Josh Gorrell
    Apr 9, 2021

    Thanks Jenn- but doesn't call forwarding only forward out of RingCentral? I need an agent to be able to transfer back to a RC extension via their cell phone, outside of the app.

    Example: A call comes into the RC auto-attendant > is forwarded to an agent cell phone > agent answers but the caller needs to go to different extension > agent can transfer to a different user extension.


  • Jennifer Del Rosario
    Apr 7, 2021

    Hello there!

    You can use a call forwarding for this. See this link and look for "Set up User Extension Call Handling and Forwarding for Business Hours".

    Thank you!