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Status Under review
Created by Dean Eckstrom
Created on Apr 7, 2021

Voice to Text and Include Attachment Setting

We noticed the Voice to Text feature will always send voicemail transcripts regardless of the setting of "Include attachment with email" in voicemail notifications.

We suggest not including any of the voicemail content if a user selects notification only. A user may want to know of arrival of a voicemail, but not expose the voicemail content in insecure email environments.

Some environments may have callers who might may occasionally leave confidential information in voicemails. To prevent accidental exfiltration into public email these users will disable "Include attachment with email". That switch only controls attachment of the audio recording, the Voicemail Preview transcript is always sent if available. To prevent leakage these users must also disable Voice To Text. Users still want to be able to see transcripts within the platform. The interaction of these features is also unexpected.

This idea is to 'Always honor the Include Attachment" switch. If a user selects this option, send neither the audio nor the preview transcript in public email.

  • Carlos Flores
    May 31, 2022

    This is also an important feature for anyone having to deal with FOIA requests or record retention policies for correspondence.